What drives us

What drives us?

Civil society organisations are key stakeholders in developing and implementing climate policies, as they hold an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise. Many of them are extremely well connected with local communities that play a crucial role in fighting the climate crisis. Although the need for action is greater than ever, civic space is increasingly restricted in many countries around the world.

 That’s why we initiated the 5 for the climate week in order to raise awareness about civic spaces that range from restricted to free around the world. We will reflect and share information and knowledge about forms and opportunities of civil society participation as well as share, explore and make visible current good practices of civil society participation in climate policy.

We will share analyses of barriers that hamper the involvement of civil society to identify priority fields of action. We will elaborate options, instruments and strategies of action, that aim to improve conditions and possibilities of participation in climate matters. And we are eager to create connections between civil society actors and other relevant stakeholders in the field of climate.